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How to build your brand - one

  • by blushbear shop

A brand is not a logo or a mascot. Everyone wants to create their own brand and make their products popular. This is a very difficult task, but most people have a grand desire. I have a rich second-generation friend who just started a business. He first spent $50,000 to design a logo, and then customized a lot of peripheral products for the logo. The company recruited 10 people in 2 months, and then operated for a year. The project went bankrupt.  I think such a real case is too common.It’s funny, right? but when most people create a brand, you will focus on things in the next two to three years, because you always think it’s easy to do, and you never think about your plans in the next two months or even two days. You will only focus on unrealistic things

Regarding the creation of a brand, I think I have a relatively right to say, because I have participated in the founding of two companies, and have witnessed a company’s scale from 0 to 1, and then to 100. From my personal point of view, I conclude that a good brand has the following those tips



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