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How to build your brand - two

  • by blushbear shop

1.Brand concept

The concept of brand is a strategy, not a simple historical story, but the core competition that you need to give your product, why you design this product, how you design it, what problems it solves, and why others choose your product. Think about these problems before you can carry out your plan

2.Your services or product

If you want to understand the brand concept, you will start to design or produce your products or design the service content of your company. The creation process of products and services is very painful. You must solve the problems that others can't solve, and save more cost and time than others. If you don't have any competitive products and services, unless you are a big company and have a lot of money, Otherwise you can't succeed.

3.Marketing strategy

When you are ready, the first thing you need to do is traffic, how to get your customers, and how to keep your customers. This requires marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is not to do FB advertising, INS advertising, and Google Advertising. These are just means to get customers. Marketing strategy is that you need to create a selling point, which is really popular.


What we lack is time, because time is money, but the brand needs time, so I suggest that if you don't have so much money to use, the only thing you can do is to invest a little bit. You should believe that investment is worth it, but it is not short-term effect


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