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Introduce of Blush Bear

  • by blushbear shop

What is the goal of blush bear brand

Every brand has its own story. Our story does not have too many twists and turns. Blush Bear is just a code name. We can call it any name. No matter how the brand name changes, our original intention has not changed, that is, it is affordable and useful things.
How can I find a reason why it is called Blush Bear? I think it may be because we designed the mascot to impress the image, so we added blush, and then designed around the image of pandas and bears, so let’s leave it for the time being. Just call it Blush Bear.
Remember, Blush Bear is not the image of a bear. Blush Bear is more a way of life. Blush makes you more beautiful. Beauty not only describes people, but also works of art, rural environment, and family life.
Hope our Blush products can make your home more beautiful

blush panda blush bear



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