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how are plush hand warmers made of?

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Have you ever found yourself freezing in the cold? Are you always worried about your hands and feet? Are you afraid to try new things because you might end up freezing? Then these bear-shaped and Panda-shaped hand warmers are just for you! These are also great for those who work outside, play guitar, ukulele, or piano, or even just a simple night on the town. These plush bears have wonderfully soft fur that instantly warms your hands when in now let us go to yow how its made



how are plush hand warmers made of ?


  • After the design is accepted, it is transferred to a blueprint from which paper patterns are made. The shapes are cut out and pinned to fabric. Many layers of plush may be stacked with the pattern pinned on the top, and a cutter with a blade much like a band saw is used to cut out many pieces at one time. Rows of workers sit behind industrial sewing machines. Each is responsible for one style of production. He or she will assemble the small pieces first, add the eyes and grommet attachments to the face, and then stitch the parts together. The bears are inside out with their seams exposed and openings down the long seam in the back. Finally, the bears are pulled right side out and dispatched to be stuffed. 

    Materials that are used ?

  • The stitched Hand warmer is then stuffed. The manufacturer purchases polyester fiber in which the fiber is tightly packed. The fiber is dual density with a very fine fiber and a thicker, slightly wavy fiber; together, these fibers have the most desirable packing quality for Plush products. Because the polyester comes so tightly packed, batches of it are tossed into a picker, which is a barrel lined with spikes that fluffs the stuffing.

    How are plush hand warmers made ?

  • The fluffed material is blown by air into a stuffing machine. These machines have evolved little since World War H, when the machines were used to stuff flight jackets for the United States Navy and Army Air Force. Air pressure blows the stuffing into the bear through a small diameter tube. The operator can manipulate the bear to direct the stuffing to various parts of the toy. A pedal release on the stuffing machine controls the puffs of stuffing. Two pushes on the pedal, for example, may be needed to pump enough stuffing from the machine's nozzle into the nose of the bear, which needs to be firm. The ears and body need to be firm, but the body should be squeezably soft. The operator can always apply the "hug test" to evaluate satisfactory cuddliness and provide quality control from bear to bear.
  • The stuffed hand warmer is then passed to another worker,  who stitches up the opening in the back of the bear. The whole hand warmer is then groomed. Because the plush fabric was stitched inside out, "fur" is caught in the seams and must be pulled out so the seams do not show. An electrically powered wire brush is used to fluff the seams, and the bear is then blown through an array of air jets to remove the loose fuzz and brush the fur. Finally packaged for transport and sale.

  • What makes our product special ?

    Our plush hand warmers are made of ultra-fine synthetic fiber. The interior is soft, spongy and very comfortable, while the exterior surface is warm and full of silkiness. When you feel slightly cold as soon as getting out of bed, take them out to warm your hands gently. Blushbear will accompany you and make you warmer in winter.




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