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The best pillow for your loved ones

  • by BlushBear shop

back in the days resting our back on any mattress or resting our head on any pillow was the simplest thing we could do but now is 21st century we are a lot of things to choose from. So,this days we wanted to manufacture a pillow for babies and pillow for infants everything was done almost, nothing can never be fully done .so one thing we were missing was a pillow to put in our fabric like any other normal people  we took the first step and started researching what kind of pillow will be suitable for the product while ,researching i stumbled upon  on research which talks about babies and pillows. I asked myself at this time, who does a research on pillow it should have been simple but i was going to be proved wrong  actually it has a negative effect. there is a term called flat head to  occurs when a flat spot develops on the back or side of a baby's head. The condition can cause the baby's head to look asymmetrical. Some describe the head as looking like a parallelogram when observed from above. so we dont want our pillow to give flat head to anyone. so on the quest to finding the best we actually found the best JACKPOT!!!!!!. stay with me here for a moment the pillow that I am talking about is called latex pillow is 100% natural material  Latex material is extremely durable. And because of its hypoallergenic properties, latex pillows can minimize issues with dust, bacteria, or mold i am not done yet its also breathable so you dont  sweat while sleeping which means you don't have to replace a latex pillow as often as you would a more traditional pillow.I sounded like a marketing agent there for a moment before i bore you a lot with this there are two methods that i learned in the production of the latex pillow one being dunlop and the other is talalay .I might not read minds  but by now you are asking what is their diffrence right ? thanks to google typed in the same question and found out this Dunlop latex is better value for money, but Talalay latex has a plusher, more buoyant feel and is available in a greater range of densities. Similarly, Dunlop latex is denser, which makes it a bit firmer than Talalay, so Talalay is a good choice if you like a soft surface feel. so we know from a experience the soft one is the best for the babies. the problem is we dont know who can manufacture this for us  actually there are only two companies in the world one being based in usa and the other in Holland but me i am here in might be a long process but living her in china for a while i know there is someone out there who can produce the same quality material after a few phone calls this time we were right there are two companies here in china who actually can do this. the talalay way. i will be showing you videos how everything was being made


 So we negotiated a price on the spot now we have warehouse full of latex materials at our disposal will be putting that video underneath.


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