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We Put A Lot of Efforts Into This Pet House

  • by blushbear shop

One time, a Belgian customer asked our factory to produce a batch of pet mats or pet houses. In fact, the production of pet houses is very simple, there are not many complex things, and the global market of pet products is still growing. However, according to the OEM environment of China's pet products, the profit of orders is very low, and low budget means low quality, I have seen many factories use very poor cotton for filling. Factories think that customers' budget is too low, so they can only reduce the cost from the material. This has formed a vicious circle. We always think that pets are important partners in our family life.

First of all, we should consider durability, bite resistance, and then comfort, Why do we always want to provide the best for children, but not for pets? Pets are also our children. Back to the original place, the demand of this Belgian customer just matches our values. First, we don't make products with low quality and low profit. Second, pets need some cost-effective products. So after the unification of values, we deeply discussed the design and material selection of pet nests. The material is easy to solve, as long as we refuse the very poor material and choose the Chinese conventional material, we can meet the demand of comfort. The rest is the design, we asked about the customer's requirements. Because the container transportation is by sea, and the pet nests are large goods, We must ensure that as much as possible so that a container to load more products while ensuring product integrity and high quality, this problem needs to be solved, it has a lot of difficulties.

So we discussed with the design team for a few days, and we came up with several solutions.

First solution: design a frame structure, using plastic or wood support rods, users can assemble by themselves, folding packaging way, but this design will lead to the appearance can only be square shape, can't do cartoon modeling. And the support rod can not be folded, reducing the volume, but it is not the optimal solution.

Wooden pet nest pet house

Second solution: replacing the supporting material of pet house, ensuring that the product can support while bearing long time compression and not damage, so we try to find matching materials in China. We find EVA foam material, this material is environmentally healthy, elastic, slow rebound, and properly compressed. So we started buying materials and tried to make the first product. We found that even though the EVA foam could support certain compression, it still couldn't solve the problem of long time shipping compression, so we had third solution.

EVA fabric pet house

Third solution: to combine the first and the second solutions to optimize the structure so that the core components of the frame can be disassembled and the EVA foam is adopted in the modeling part. Finally, we have designed the following products.

plush cat house

pet house pet nest pet mat


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