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what is chenille fabric

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Chenille fabrics are fabrics made by twisting short fibers or filaments of different fineness and strength. Because of its strong water absorption, plump down, soft hand, thick fabric and light texture, it is widely used in the field of home textiles and knitted garments, forming a new bright spot in product development. Chenille decoration products can be made into sofa covers, bedspreads, bed blankets, table blankets, carpets, wall decorations, curtains and curtains and other interior decoration accessories.

1. Appearance

He has a very thick feeling, and the overall appearance looks very light, this can be made into a very beautiful pattern or flower shape, the overall look is very high-end, and it is particularly bloated and luxurious, whether it is placed Everything is very beautiful. The combination of decoration and practicality makes the whole room look very elegant and luxurious, showing a very noble and very expensive.

2. Touch

Its fabric is a core yarn made of fiber strands, and its entire meat surface is very plump, has a velvety touch to the touch, and the whole feel is very soft and particularly comfortable.

3. Suspension

This fabric has a very good suspension. I can stand vertically on the ground and keep saying that the texture is very good, making the whole room very big and beautiful. Many people like it a lot!

4. Shading

This curtain can shading, can adapt to people's needs for a different intensity of light, can mature and strong sunlight in summer, has a very good warmth in winter, can improve the climate and environment of the entire room! It can be windproof and heat insulated , And it can also be anti-allergic and anti-static.

5. Hygroscopicity

This noodle is very hygroscopic, can absorb water much different from its own weight and feels very dry, which many people like very much.

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