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Blush Bear-Affordable and Useful Lifestyle

Video introduction

Brand Story

Since 1998 we have been engaged in the production of plush toys. After more than 20 years of development, from a small workshop with a few people to a large factory with hundreds of people, we are so familiar with what kind of fabric is friendly, and more proficient in combining different materials with different designs. We found that all classic products have a common feature, that is "simple and unique". So we cooperated with some excellent designers to design many cartoon images. From thousands of pictures, we chose one panda and one bear as our two mascots.

You can't resist your love for the panda. What's more, panda is a national treasure of China and a symbol of friendship. we hope this panda can bring all the good things to you, and let the world become more and more harmonious. The other is the brown bear the eternal classic cartoon animal, which represents the enduring, in a sense, it means not forgetting the original intention. Our idea is simple, affordable and useful. Around the current two mascots, combined with our factory experience, we have produced some plush products, natural cotton products, Household items. Of course, You can't do everything by yourself, so we also cooperate with many excellent factories to expand more categories, such as latex products, travel bags, plastic products. But don’t worry, In the near future, we will soon have more characters and more products

Our Factory

Blush Bear® is the brand of Chaoman Toys Co., Ltd. we have more than 20 years of experience in the production of plush products , We provide OEM services for many famous companies,maybe the product you are using is made by us.In recent years, we also help Amazon sellers providing them with ODM services and do some small batch production.

Our factory has 8000 square meters space, have an old one and a new one, production equipment including embroidery machine, laser cutting machine, batch cutting machine, binding machine (for clothing), metal inspection machine, We have over 200 workers which can complete mass production in a short time, We have a professional production team and management process flow, so we can ensure that every product can be made in high quality.

To add more,We have completed the BSCI and SEDEX certification, we are very open to cooperate with other trading companies, no matter in OEM and ODM. Professional people do professional things, give us products, you just need to focus on marketing . Our main products include pet toys, baby toys and household products. Except being proficient in this industry, we have also tapped into many other industries, such as mold equipment, electronic components and mechanical equipment. If you want to know some information in these fields we can also help.